Magdalene Wellman, MPH, CHES


Magdalene Wellman is a certified health education specialist whose career in health has evolved throughout various sectors of healthcare.  Magdalene has partnered with health systems, government entities, corporations, and individuals at multiple levels.  Her work has focused on patient-centered, evidence-based health communication and the role it plays in improved outcomes. This includes personalized approaches that acknowledge social determinants and other factors when identifying best practices.

Magdalene began her career in the pharmaceutical industry, first in sales and later in patient engagement and advocacy.  Her work with community and managed care organizations helped expand the reach of newly piloted patient advocacy programs and improve long-term health outcomes for people living with chronic conditions.  Additionally, she has worked at the university level to help bridge the gap between research and its application in the real world.

Magdalene earned a BS in Psychology from The University of Alabama and a MPH, with a focus in Health Behavior, from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Content Expertise

Health education; health communication; health literacy; health promotion; health behavior change; MI; program management; project planning & management; sales & marketing; content & curriculum development; stakeholder engagement; CBPR; training and facilitation; leadership; health disparities/minority health; needs assessment; grant writing; long-term planning; dissemination & implementation; recruitment; education around various health topics/disease states; managed care institutions; some design; writing/grammar; organization & efficiency; event planning

Technical Expertise

Microsoft Office Suite; Asana; Google; Adobe; Canva; Box