We are proud to welcome Tremayne (Trey) Mackey to the CCPH team! Based in Nashville, TN with an MPH from Morehouse School of Medicine and an MBA from George Washington University, Trey will be supporting RADx-UP and other CCPH initiatives as a Program Coordinator. We asked him a few questions about his work and what brings him to CCPH. Check out his bio[hyperlink to bio once its posted] to learn more. 

What made you decide to join CCPH?

I have always been interested in community advocacy and development, especially in underserved and minority communities. Upon reading about the mission and values of CCPH in one of the job announcements, I knew that CCPH would be a great fit for me. I’ve always enjoyed community-based projects and engaging leaders, developing coalitions to effectively address inequities in health and education.  I’m excited to be onboard at CCPH!

Tell us about the work you’ll be doing to support RADx-UP and CCPH. 

I will be supporting RADx-UP as a technical assistant for the EIT, also assisting with engaging the academic partners and community partners. I will be collaborating with the CDCC to assist in the development, review, and coordination of policies, materials, and trainings, including communications to support engagement. I will also be assisting with the CCPH HMSI Initiative.  

You have degrees in both Public Health and Business Administration. How have you used those skill sets to support health equity?

I’ve used my training to help examine barriers to quality health care and education in disadvantaged communities. These barriers are often indicators of the inequities that exist in society, most often in minority or low-income populations. Therefore it has always been useful for me to build strong community partnerships that can sufficiently address health equity.