Under-representation of minorities in research hinders the ability to address persistent health disparities. In 2016, Community-Campus Partnerships for Health engaged diverse individuals to understand factors that impede engagement of communities of color in research. Individuals spoke to the importance of accounting for historic mistrust in and broken promises with research and healthcare, highlighting a need to better understand communities’ visions of culturally responsive research. 

Community Strategies to Enhance Culturally Responsive Research

Authors: Authors in alphabetical order:
Rodolfo Batres, MD (1, 2)
Kathleen A. Culhane-Pera, MD, MA (1)
Mei Ling Isaacs, MPH (3)
Maiyia Y. Kasouaher, PhD (1, 2)
Shannon L. Pergament, MSW, MPH (1)
Paige Castro Reyes, BS, BA (4)
Al Richmond, MSW (4)
Nancy Shore, PhD (4, 5)