Community-Based Research Guidelines for Communities and Higher Education

Community Research Collabrative
Javier Alegre
Ana Antunes
Abdulkhaliq Barbaar
Adrienne Cachelin
Marissa Diener
Melsihna Folau
Caren Frost
Ivis Garcia
Sara Hart
Leticia Alvarez Gutiérrez
Paul Kuttner
Siosaia Langi
Joél-Léhi Organista
Julie Metos
Ed Napia
Tino Nyawelo
Susie Porter
Anahy Salcedo
Lamar Spotted Elk
Mehdi Taheri
Laneta Fitisemanu
Andi Witczak

Ex Officio Members
Jennifer Mayer-Glenn
Dean McGovern
Keith Diaz Moore
Kathryn Bond Stockton
Andrew Weyrich

Lizeth Alvarez
Carla Astorga
Jack Barnicle
Mike Bartholomew
Haley Boman
Emilio Manuel
Camu Kara Byrne
Annie Dayton
Angela Edward
Kehau Folau
Vicki Fuentes
Maria Guadarrama
Grace Hislop
Austin Kreiter
Hailey Leek
Juliemar Colon Medina
Isabel Teresa Molina
Nalini Nadkarni
Nikki Navio
Kevin Nguyen
Melanie Pehrson
Alicia Ramirez
Kimberly Schmit
Priyanka Siriki
Megan Spencer
Kiana Taheri
Laira VanDeWiele
Windya Welideniya

More Information: These guidelines, developed by a community-campus collective, offer advice for both community-based and campus-based people who want to do collaborative research. This is an updated and revised version of the 2007 University Neighborhood Partners report, Guidelines for Community-Based Research. This new version includes an expanded set of principles and integrates lessons learned from the growth of CBR over the last 15 years.