Date: July 26 th , 2022

Time: 1pm ET

Webinar Description:

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) faced unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to traditional challenges faced sustaining an HBCU, its leaders must now incorporate a COVID-19 strategy to maintain campus health while ensuring business continuity. However, what is particularly challenging to HBCU leaders and the communities they serve is their historical context of scarce resources and chronic underfunding. Resources range from finances to actual physical space to deliver health services, which include vaccines. The purpose of this webinar is to assess the management of COVID-19 at HBCUs and determine their needs for the sustainment of campus health.

Webinar participants:

  • Will plan the development of a coalition to address the management of COVID-19 and other health and wellness concerns,
  • Discuss opportunities to be involved in improving the health of HBCU communities,
  • Review funding opportunities to support this work, and stipend opportunities for participation in this work.

You can view the recording of our webinar here: